We serve Christians around the world whose brave faith in Jesus means they are, beaten, threatened, imprisoned, tortured, falsely accused, disowned and hated.



You would have seen the unfolding situation in Israel and gaza on the news, where the death toll continues to rise, violence is continuing and hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing homes.

As we see what is happening, we can be inspired by Open Doors founder Brother Andrew who encouraged us to pray for what you see and hear in the news, and to pray for those affected. Let’s keep praying for the people in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Pray that peace will come. Pray for the churches in Gaza and in Israel, that they will be strengthened to help and comfort those around them and show them the love of God.

Christians in Israel

The Hamas military offensive has led to thousands of deaths in Israel. The Bible Society in Israel expresses on its website the feelings of so many of their brothers and sisters in Israel: “We are in shock, angry, in mourning. In a few short hours, hundreds of lives were snuffed out: women, men, children, elderly. Several thousand were wounded, over a hundred were taken hostage. More than three thousand rockets were fired into the southern half of the country.

“There is not a family in the country that has not lost a family member or a friend. More than ever, we need your prayers. Prayers for those who mourn. Prayers for God to use this tragic event to cause people to seek God about their own eternal destiny. And we at the Bible Society in Israel ask you to pray that God give us wisdom in these days.

“Wisdom how to comfort. Wisdom how to pray. Wisdom and grace to be His messengers, serving His kingdom, that we not weaken His message with our own anger. Pray with us that God will use all those leaders whose decisions in these days will determine the fate of so many people. May our loving God bring this disaster to an end.”

Christians in Gaza

Israel’s military response has also led to thousands of deaths in Gaza. Right now, Christians in Gaza are just trying to survive and to help our brothers and sisters who already have lost their homes or who cannot stay in their homes any longer. Local churches that Open Doors has connections with are providing those who found shelter in the church buildings with food and water. Pray for those churches, that these buildings indeed will continue to be places of protection.

“The street where I lived, which brought me so much happiness and held childhood memories, has now turned into complete devastation,” a Christian woman in Gaza shared. “I remember the library and the shops we were so familiar with, where the owners would call us by our names and invite us in. These places have now become ruins.

“How will we return to universities and continue our education when the roads are in ruins? Can we even access them amidst all this destruction?

“The painful end came when they told us we had 10 minutes to leave our home because it was going to be bombed by Israeli war flights. We went to the church assuming it is a safe place.

“I hastily gathered my personal belongings and some clothes, hoping to return after the bombing, as I believed we could go back in a few hours. But the nightmare I never anticipated in my entire life became a reality – our home was bombed and destroyed, and the entire neighbourhood no longer existed. There were no more houses, just a dark cloud in the sky, and the air was thick with dust. Some of my belongings were scattered among the rubble, and I was trying to imagine where my room used to be.

“In that moment, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and wished it was a terrible dream, hoping to wake up from it soon.”

Please keep praying

A pastor in Bethlehem (in the West Bank) – an Open Doors regional partner – shared on social media: “Your prayers, advocacy and support are much appreciated. […] We are concerned about the high number of civilian casualties, irrespective they are Palestinians or Israelis. We call for the Geneva Convention and the International Humanitarian Law to be guaranteed by the international community.”

Pray for all those in Israel and in Gaza and on the West Bank who have lost loved ones, or who are waiting to hear about missing people. Pray for those who have lost their homes, and pray for all those who are now being treated for their injuries.


or all who are mourning, injured or fearful to know God’s loving comfort


For a miraculous end to the violence and for peace to reign.


For Open Doors regional partners - that they will be equipped to support their communities with wisdom and compassion

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