We serve Christians around the world whose brave faith in Jesus means they are, beaten, threatened, imprisoned, tortured, falsely accused, disowned and hated.


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World Cup Wall Chart

To help you tackle persecution at the 2023 Women’s World Cup we’ve created a vey special free Women’s World Cup Wall Chart to help you pray when they play and chart the route of different teams through the tournament. The chart includes all the World Cup fixtures, plus a little overview of each of the five countries that are on the World Watch List that are playing in the tournament. Trust us, it’s excellent.

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World Cup Wall Chart

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The following five teams feature in the 2023 Women’s World Cup but are also on the current Open Doors World Watch List (the toughest 50 places on earth to be a Christian). Check through these quick facts to gain some tactical insights and see why we want you to pray when they play.

1. Nigeria (No.6)

Every day in Nigeria, 14 Christians are killed for their faith – that’s more than everywhere else in the world combined. Islamic extremists are often behind attacks, targeting Christian communities to remove their presence from the region.

2. China (No. 16)

It’s illegal for under-18s to attend church in China, and it’s very dangerous to talk about faith on social media platforms and messaging apps. The Chinese authorities see Christians as a threat to their power, so they want to disrupt their activities.

3. Colombia (No. 22)

Many churches in Colombia do amazing work in speaking out against violence and corruption, and even telling gang members about Jesus. But this can come at a huge cost, because it can make Christians – particularly leaders – a target for attack.

4. Vietnam (No. 25)

In parts of Vietnam, choosing to follow Jesus is seen as a betrayal of the local culture and community. The opposition can be so bad that Christians are forced from their village because their homes have been destroyed.

5. Morocco (No. 29)

In Morocco, it’s against the law to ‘shake the faith of a Muslim’. This means that, since most Moroccans are Muslims, Christians must take great care when talking about their faith, even among family and friends.


One reason we love the Women’s World Cup is that it’s a brilliant way of getting people together. So why not use the World Cup as a way to raise some vital funds for our persecuted church family?


could teach a woman what the Bible says about persecution to help her stay strong in her faith.


could help a woman or girl receive trauma care so she can heal and realise her God-given identity and worth.


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