We serve Christians around the world whose brave faith in Jesus means they are, beaten, threatened, imprisoned, tortured, falsely accused, disowned and hated.

Meet Sele


In Nigeria, Christmas for 13-year-old Sele can be a tough time. “Sele never knew his dad, Solomon,” explains Cecilia, Sele’s mum. He was tragically killed when militants stormed their town to attack Christians. Sele was two years old.

Cecilia has managed to carry on her husband’s farming business with the help of Sele and his siblings.

For some children in Nigeria, the field surrounding their house is as far as their future will go, simply because there’s no extra money for school. But thanks to your support, Sele can go to a school where he can study and dream of making an impact on people’s lives. He wants to be a doctor.

“My best thing about Christmas is the dramas we watch in church and the songs we sing, and how they share Christmas gifts,” he says. Last year, you added joy to Sele’s celebrations by giving him new clothes and an illustrated Bible. “The joy and surprise he displayed was priceless,” shares an Open Doors local partner.

Two things you can do this Christmas:
  • 1
    Choose to lose.

    Give up something you love to raise money and prayer for those who are losing out this Christmas because of their Christian faith? Join the fundraiser at the link below. And, if the idea of getting sponsored is a bit much over the festive season, maybe instead of a present for yourself this Christmas, ask someone to give a gift to Open Doors on your behalf?

    Go on, choose to lose!
  • 2
    Send a letter this Christmas.

    You can write to Sele and other young Christians and encourage them over the Christmas season.

    Find out more and get writing now...


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