We serve Christians around the world whose brave faith in Jesus means they are, beaten, threatened, imprisoned, tortured, falsely accused, disowned and hated.

Nigeria: Five ways to pray this Christmas


Looking forward to Christmas? We’re all pretty pumped in the Open Doors office, but for Christians globally, Christmas brings a greater risk. In Nigeria, believers are experiencing escalating and targeted violence at the hands of extremist groups and bandits. Nigeria is number nine on the World Watch List of countries where it’s hardest to follow Jesus – but it has the highest levels of violence of any country. More Christians are killed for their faith in Nigeria than anywhere else in the world. Your prayers are desperately needed.

Prayer one: Protection of church activities over Christmas

Following the deaths of several of its leaders, so-called Islamic State of West Africa (ISWAP) have sworn in replacements, and the new leaders are committed to attacking Christians in Nigeria and beyond. And they aren’t the only persecutors. In northern Nigeria – which is majority Muslim – the church is experiencing a high level of threat, with Christmas and New Year festivities likely to be targeted. Only this week, the church in Zamfara State, northern Nigeria, received a letter from a group of bandits demanding that they close churches or risk ‘ferocious’ attacks.

Pray this:
Heavenly Father, bring supernatural peace to fearful hearts in Nigeria as Christmas approaches. Thwart the plans of those intent on harming your people and protect all Christian gatherings over the festive period. Amen.

Prayer two: Provision for families devastated by ransom demands

Christian families are carefully selected and targeted for abduction from schools, church services and while travelling, with perpetrators demanding overwhelming sums of money for their release. It’s a calculated strategy that’s led to the impoverishment of thousands of Christians, with families even forced to part with their homes to pay ransoms.

Prayer three: Fresh revelation of God’s grace

Many Christian families are losing enthusiasm for the gospel, and struggling with feelings of anger and resentment towards those who persecute them. This reflects how increasingly unbearable life is for many Christians in Nigeria, and how much they need your prayers to stand strong in their faith.

Prayer four: Strength to withstand pressure

One of the expansion strategies used by Islamic extremists an initiative called the Islamic Dawah Movement. This involves putting intense pressure on believers from Muslim backgrounds, targeting church leaders and their children for conversion, inciting Muslim youths to attack missionaries working among Muslims, and injecting fear into converts considering Christianity.

Prayer five: Protection of Open Doors trauma centre

The centre where traumatised believers receive care – and which your support helps fund – is currently undergoing expansion to accommodate more people and ensure vital help is given to more believers affected by persecution. However, the area is experiencing threats by Islamic militants.


Lord God, provide for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of families devastated by such calculated acts of evil, and heal their trauma. Intervene to bring about the release of Christians held captive. Amen.


Lord Jesus, protect Christians targeted in this way, and give them continued boldness, fervency and strength in the face of intense pressure. Soften the hearts of those who persecute your people and lead them to You. Amen.


Lord Jesus, we can’t imagine how challenging life is for our family in Nigeria. Give Your children a fresh revelation of Your love and grace, and use this to strengthen them to stand firm despite persecution. Amen.


Father God, thank You for the wonderful work of this trauma centre. Strengthen, encourage and equip all those who serve there. Protect the centre, bless its development and increase its impact on the lives of your hurting people. Amen.

Send hope this Christmas: Two ways to act now…
  • 1
    Write a message of hope to a few different young people and let them know that you’re praying for them

  • 2
    Lose something from your Christmas list, and ask for a donation to Open Doors instead…

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